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The young couple got married for the first time and didn't have experience in decorating the wedding house? Zhanzhi Tianhua purification door teaches you three unique skills of selecting wooden doors to ensure that they work

when you look at your appearance, you can't set the color difference.

your appearance is justice. What's the use of looking bad? It's almost the same in the store. Is it dazzling? In case the door is not good-looking at home, and there are many married relatives and friends, it will lose a lot of face

if you don't know how to choose, choose the colored wooden door. It's a combination of two colors, simple and full of personality. Matching it with the background wall is simply a versatile artifact, and 90% of people like it

second, solid wood is the key to durability.

newlyweds should learn to take care of their families. When a man is the most handsome, he has foresight and good shopping quality. When women are most beautiful, they love to spend money, but they also know to be pragmatic

everyone knows that solid wood is good. Solid wood must be selected for wooden door sheathing, which is strong and durable, and the bearing wooden door does not sink. Edge banding must be hot-melt technology, which can't be removed. From newlyweds to golden weddings, I will be happy with you all my life

three looks at environmental protection, and happiness is guaranteed

one-stop operation of getting married and having children. An environmental and safe environment is very important for delicate babies. Even if we can't give the identity of the rich second generation, at least to a healthy body

the wooden door shall be made of healthy raw materials such as unpainted finish, solid wood sheathing, LVL integrated material door core, etc. the inspection certificate shall be carefully examined, without peculiar smell, formaldehyde, spicy eyes and tears. After three years of marriage and two children, I promise not to be afraid

the above are the three principles for newlyweds to choose their families, which must be remembered. The bridegroom and bride can only be for one day, but the husband and wife have to be for a lifetime. Mom said, you will grow up when you get married, and you should learn to live

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