Key points of decoration design of children's room

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Parents are more concerned about the healthy growth of children. They will do a lot of work in the decoration of children's houses, but there are many problems to consider in the decoration of children's houses. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the key points of decoration design of children's houses

key points of decoration design of children's room 1. Color of children's room

according to children's growth needs, the color of children's room can be very rich, lively, fresh, simple and lively color can have fairy tale artistic conception, and children can study and live freely in such a small world. Bright and bright colors can not only keep children in a lively and positive psychological state and a happy mood, but also improve the indoor brightness and create a bright and friendly indoor environment, in which children can have a sense of security and belonging

key points of children's room decoration design 2. Children's room modeling

furniture modeling has a certain corrective effect on children's personality. Some people have proved through experiments that children with weak personality and too introverted should choose furniture with slightly rough shape, sharp edges and corners and strong color contrast. For children who are too irritable, furniture with soft lines and elegant colors will help shape a healthy state of mind. The pattern of simple style children's room wallpaper should be bright and cute, so that children will like it. Their age likes some lovely and bright colored things

key points of decoration design of children's room 3. Children's room space

the furniture of children's room should be few and fine, leaving sufficient activity space for children. Children's furniture generally refers to beds, desks, shelves, cabinets, chairs, etc. If these single pieces of furniture are connected together, it can also save area. At present, there is a kind of combined furniture with a bed and a writing desk in the market. The upper part is a bed and the lower part is a writing desk. One end of the bed is equipped with a small escalator, which is very ingenious in fairy tales. At the same time, we should also take into account the characteristics that children like to change. Furniture can be easily moved and highly combined, which is convenient for them to readjust the space at any time and helps to increase the space of children's imagination

key points of decoration design of children's room 3. Functions of children's room

when choosing furniture for children, we should fully consider the functions and children's age and body configuration, and pay attention to versatility and rationality. For example, it is best to adjust the height of the chair of the desk, because if children use tables and chairs with inappropriate height for a long time, it will cause a variety of diseases such as hunchback, myopia, scoliosis, etc., which will affect the normal development of children. If it cannot be adjusted, it is necessary to pay attention to the scale of furniture to match people's height. It is best to choose a combination cabinet for children. The lower part is designed as a toy cabinet, bookcase and desk, while the upper part is the type of decorative banquet room and storage space. The bed can choose the storage box type to save space, or you can choose to get on and off the bed. The content on the wall should be connected with teaching and fun, such as numbers, animal patterns, vegetables, English words, etc

key points of decoration design of children's room 4. Safety of children's room

safety is one of the key points to be considered in the purchase of children's furniture. As children are in a lively and curious stage, they are prone to accidents. Furniture should try to avoid the appearance of edges and corners, and adopt circular arc trimming, etc. The materials should also be non-toxic and safe building materials. At the same time, furniture with durability, strong resistance to damage and high utilization rate should also be selected. We should also pay attention to whether it is healthy, environmental friendly, radiation-free and of good quality. Because children are active, those with poor quality are easy to go bad, and it is harmful to the environment in which children grow up healthily. In this way, we can create a healthy and happy nest for our baby

the above five points are the key points of children's room decoration design. Wuhan decoration owners can ensure the smooth decoration of children's room from these perspectives when designing the scheme. Xiaobian suggested that it is also very good to do an air test after the decoration of the children's room. Recently, Wuhan home decoration online can apply for free [details]





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