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In the decoration of the office, the decoration Feng Shui of the ceiling is the most easy to be ignored, but it is unknown that the good or bad feng shui of the ceiling will affect the Feng Shui aura of the office, and will have a profound impact on our workplace fortune and the development of the company. So it seems that the decoration Feng Shui of the office ceiling can not be ignored; So what should Feng Shui pay attention to in the decoration of the office ceiling? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

decoration Feng Shui of office ceiling

two key points of Feng Shui of office ceiling decoration

taboo 1: the floor height of the office area is too low

in office decoration, if the floor height of the ceiling is less than 2.6 meters, such a floor height is not suitable for the ceiling, making the ceiling will appear depressed, and employees will feel uncomfortable due to the blocked air flow if they work in such an atmosphere, This will affect the working mood and efficiency

taboo 2: dark color is forbidden for ceiling color

generally speaking, the ceiling symbolizes the sky and the floor symbolizes the ground. Therefore, when decorating the office, the color of the ceiling should be light, while the color of the floor should be dark, in order to comply with “ The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” In this way, there will be no sense of top heavy or top heavy visually. Of course, in addition, we should also note that the ceiling should not be decorated with large-area mirrors

what are the Feng Shui requirements for the decoration of the office ceiling?

in the Feng Shui layout of the office, the ceiling should be high rather than low: if the ceiling on the top of the porch is too low, it has a sense of oppression, which is a bad omen in Feng Shui, indicating that the company is oppressed and hard to stand out. If the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is more comfortable, which is also of great benefit to the air transportation of the house

the color of the ceiling should be clear rather than heavy: the color of the ceiling on the top of the porch should not be too dark. If the color of the ceiling is deeper than the floor, it will form a pattern of heavy on the top and light on the bottom, overturning the earth, symbolizing the disorder of the family and the discord between the top and the bottom. And the color of the ceiling is lighter than that of the floor, light at the top and heavy at the bottom, which is the normal image

ceiling lights should be square and round rather than triangular: the lighting arrangement on the top of the porch should be round and square but not triangular. Some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the porch for lighting, which is a good arrangement, but if three lights are arranged in a triangle, it will be self defeating and form “ Three sticks of incense inserted upside down ” The situation is very unfavorable to the office. If it is arranged into a square or a circle, it is not a problem, because the circle symbolizes reunion, while the square symbolizes squareness and stability

what is the porch below

the porch refers to the outer door of the residence, which is the only way to enter and exit the house and an important part of traditional Asian architecture. In the west, the porch contains the family's money fortune. The porch lies in that the residence plays a decisive role in Feng Shui and has practical functions in beautifying the hall and house. Setting the porch accurately and scientifically can not only dissolve the evil spirit of rushing directly to the door outside the house, but also prevent the leakage of the prosperous Qi of the Yangzhai. It can also make the entrants of sports calm down and adjust their breath, and directly improve the auspicious fortune of the Yangzhai. Reasonable layout of the office ceiling is very important. It is better to choose the chandelier carefully (ghost master Feng Shui

uncover the stress of Feng Shui in the decoration of the office ceiling

Feng Shui in the ceiling: the color should be light

pay attention to the color selection of the ceiling, be sure to keep light, and do not choose some strong colors, such as bright red and purple, which looks very festive, In fact, it is not suitable for use at home. After all, the house is warm and pleasant. If you use thick colors at will, it will look very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Beige ceilings

ceiling Feng Shui pays attention to: the height should be appropriate

the height of the ceiling will generally occupy a quarter of the height of the whole house, about 2.8 meters from the ground, and at least not less than 2.4 meters. That will be too short. People will feel uncomfortable walking below, and they will feel that they are pressed by something, which is also bad for luck. Originally, the ceiling is to block the beam, but the height is not enough, and it will be self defeating

ceiling Feng Shui pays attention to: the light should be bright

the ceiling itself is arranged on the head. If the lighting effect is not good, it will easily affect the lighting problem of the home. Generally speaking, the ceiling will have some built-in lamps, which are often very bright, but you should also pay attention to it. If the light is insufficient, you must raise it as soon as possible, and do not become dark in the future, which is not only bad for Feng Shui, It's also bad for one's health. Living in a dark environment for a long time, one's character will become withdrawn and irritable, and his skin is prone to problems. Of course, the biggest problem is bad for his eyes




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