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You must have read a lot of decoration experience posts. Today's Xiaobian summarized these projects that have received the most feedback from real owners after decoration. If you don't want to have too many regrets about decoration, take a look at them quickly

you must have read a lot of decoration experience posts. Today's Xiaobian summarized these projects that have received the most feedback from real owners after decoration. If you don't want to have too many regrets about decoration, take a look. 1. Dining tables, chairs and tea tables must buy toughened glass tabletops with better quality. Messy things are still often put on them. It does not rule out the hot soup just brought out, all kinds of sharp tools (scissors, fruit knives), etc. good products are indeed wear-resistant, and there is no need to pad things to insulate the heat. Instead, it is necessary to remind students who like playing mahjong that if they like, it is best not to buy too long tables

2. The anti-theft screen seems to be solid. In fact, anti-theft can only be used as a basic protection, but it is still recommended to install one to increase trouble for thieves

3. The double-layer insulating glass is very useful, but some adhesive strips and edge glass adhesive of the window are worth paying attention to. If the adhesive strips are not good, the sealing effect is not great. The original sound insulation effect is still very noisy, and then the insulating glass has heat insulation effect. In addition, the inner and outer edges of the window should be coated with glass adhesive to prevent rainwater from penetrating

4. The floor tiles in the lavatory, toilet, kitchen and living room must be separated. The floor tiles in the lavatory and toilet toilet are trampled very frequently and are easy to be worn. Secondly, different sections have different styles

5 If you like surfing the Internet, at least 2 Internet ports and more than 2 sockets are reserved on each wall of each room. Wireless routing can indeed solve the problem, but it is said that sometimes it is still unstable; 6. Regret that the kitchen flue didn't blow out. Now as long as someone cooks in the building, his own range hood must be turned on at the same time, otherwise the house will be full of lampblack smell; 7. The location of various sockets in the room is different from the size of furniture bought later, which wastes a lot of sockets; 8. Never ask carpenters to do furniture!!!!! Unless the carpentry is quite good; 9. The color of the floor should be slightly light, so it is not easy to see the gray. The kitchen and bathroom floor tiles should be slightly dark, so it is not easy to find hair everywhere, so it is the most resistant to dirt; 10. It's best to install a ceiling fan in the restaurant, which is super comfortable. In summer, you don't need to turn on the air conditioner to eat. If you can save, you can save; 11. Try to have more storage space, and there will be more and more sundries to be stored after check-in; 12. It is better to use ceramic tiles on the wall of the balcony, which is more waterproof than paint, and it should be clean. The paint looks dirty after a long time, so it is not easy to clean; 13. Regret buying and installing so many lights, but in fact, there are only those fixed; 14. The washtable of the toilet is glass, which is super easy to get dirty; 15. I forgot to install a switch at the head of the bed. I have to get out of bed and turn off the light every time. It's very sad in winter &mdash& mdash; This is called a switch. It costs a little money, but it's much more comfortable! 16. Bathroom hardware, faucets and the like are definitely worth every penny; 17. Try not to leave inaccessible places during decoration. It is difficult to clean dead corners! 18. For families planning to have children in the future, they must calculate the size, and reserve a place next to the bed for the crib; 19. It is suggested that all faucets should be equipped with hot and cold water pipes. It will not cost a lot of money to install more when decorating. It is extremely difficult to remedy it afterwards; 20. The less impractical decorations in the room, the better. The RMB can't be torn off when it's pasted. Sooner or later, it's out of date! 21. When buying anything, pay attention to the size of the door inside the house. Don't buy it and you can't move in 22 Solid wood flooring feels good but needs maintenance. Composite flooring is convenient to clean 23 Invisible doors are useless. It's troublesome to open them for ventilation, and the quality is not very good. It won't last long; 24. Walk in wardrobe is good, but it is easy to accumulate dust. Open bookshelves, shelves, etc. (the kind without doors) are good-looking, but it's painful to wipe, especially books, which are covered with dust; 25. The lamp must not be flushed. Wait for dust to accumulate after hanging it! 26. The position of the air conditioner plug must be as low as possible, and the pipe must be kept down, otherwise the air conditioner water will flow back in; 27. I regret punching the curtain, and I should do the top. Only in this way can it be atmospheric, high-end and high-grade. Before, I considered having a ceiling, and the result is that the punching is under the ceiling. First, it's really not beautiful. Second, it's easy to drill holes into the fireproof layer and hollow bricks when it's low

28. The mattress is too soft &mdash& mdash; The memory cotton soft bed + mattress I bought is very comfortable. People are going to sleep in it. It is strongly recommended not to buy a soft bed. 29. If the frequency of cooking at home is very high, try to give up the open kitchen, there will be lampblack problem; 30. The hot water in the bathroom and kitchen comes quickly and is convenient to use; 31. The Chinese type of range hood has stronger suction than the European type. 32. The power socket can be installed as much as possible, otherwise there are tow boards everywhere in the home; 33. The power socket must be reserved beside the toilet, otherwise Wei Xili can't install it; 34. Bathtub PK shower, if you choose one of two, it is still recommended to shower. The bathtub is installed, and not a few people have never taken a bath. Shower does not refer to the shower room. The glass of the shower room is still very tired to wipe, and it is a type of work with high technical content. Of course, you can also choose to hang a shower curtain. You can choose a cheaper one and change it when it is dirty! 35. If there are two bathrooms, it is still necessary to install a bathtub. It is a good choice to bubble large clothes and help the baby bathe. The Jacuzzi is not necessary. It can't be soaked for a few times, and it's particularly expensive




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