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Introduction to the 2005 World Packaging celebrity list

on September 26, 2005, at the award ceremony of the 2005 packaging industry celebrity list held by the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, the United States, three experts who have worked in the packaging industry for a long time, Toshio Arita, ray Tucker and Donald Reichert, will be awarded this award

since 1971, in order to commend the contributions made by some experts with outstanding achievements in the packaging industry to the development of packaging technology and create people with a better understanding of packaging related industries in the society Every year, PMMI will select some experts to be selected into the packaging celebrity list

it is easy to combine with polymer mortar when pasting externally. This year, 17 candidates will compete for the final selection The celebrities from each link of the packaging supply chain are strictly selected by the working committee Finally, Toshio Arita, ray Tucker and Donald Reichert were selected for the 2005 celebrity list

benmiarez, vice president of PMMI industry relations and head of the celebrity list Working Committee, said: "through strict evaluation and screening, the three winners this year won the final competition with their excellent leadership and outstanding contributions to the industry. It can be said that the name is true!"

2005 packaging celebrity list introduction

toshio arita: in the first 20 years of his career, he worked for the former Nippon paper company (now Prince paper), as a pulp and paper manufacturing engineer; In the following 21 years, he joined dia packaging company (packaging company under Mitsubishi group, now Mitsubishi Shoji packaging company, established in 1976) when he retired from the company as a managing director to subject the test piece to axial pressure in 1997, Arita's authoritative position in the entire Japanese packaging industry has long been unmatched His feature edition is often seen in the packaging strategy newsletter, including Mr. Arita's in-depth understanding of packaging technology, analysis and Prospect of the application prospect of these technologies in today's market

In the special edition, Mr. Arita not only reported the application of emerging technologies in the Pan Asian market, but also translated the full text from English to Japanese for the convenience of readers in Japan and other Asian countries This shows Mr. Arita's active efforts in the promotion, dissemination and application of packaging technology

arita's outstanding contribution and performance in Mitsubishi Packaging Association (MPA), the largest and most influential packaging machinery supplier in Japan, is the best example of him becoming a successful leader in the packaging industry

ray Tucker, engineering R & D director of Bush brothers During his 40 years in the packaging industry, Tucker has been responsible for R & D, innovation and design of large-scale packaging projects with replaceable containers specially used for cold fresh packaging and pasta packaging He invented multi-layer packaging bags for frost food, frozen deep dish pizza packaging and pizza packaging for microwave oven

although Mr. Tucker is proficient in the design and execution of various types of packaging engineering What really makes him a leader who is praised by everyone for measuring the stress change on the sample is that he is calm and cold when dealing with those challenging projects, but the storage is dangerous: the site storing recyclable materials has generated hundreds of fires, and he has made correct guidance and decisions, as well as his heartfelt care for everyone in the whole work team

donald Reichert was a part-time temporary lathe worker when he joined a-b-c packaging machinery company in his early years Later, he transferred to the engineering department as a draftsman In 1947, when he was 20, he invented his first machine called "seal all" This landmark machine was later defined as the prototype of the automatic cylinder sealing corrugated box packaging machine, thus opening the era of automatic air compression equipment Reichert regards packaging machinery as his lifelong career For more than 60 years in a-b-c company, he has worked hard, unswervingly, loyal, selfless, honest, and has been recognized as the lifelong achievement leader of a-b-c company with lofty moral quality! His career has not only brought a far-reaching impact on the history of the packaging machinery industry, but also been regarded as the most authentic historical portrayal

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