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Several classifications of anemometers introduction of knowledge

wind test methods

wind speed (velocity) test includes the test of average wind speed and the test of turbulence components (wind turbulence 1 ~ 150kHz, different from the variation). The thermal anemometer measures the average wind speed. The methods for measuring the average wind speed include thermal, ultrasonic, impeller, and pitot tube, but in these methods, the type anemometer uses the principle of heat dissipation. Next, the measurement methods of these wind speeds are described

I Thermal anemometer

this method is used to measure the resistance change when the sensor is cooled due to wind when it is powered on by industry decision-makers and senior technical experts from all over the world. Wind direction information cannot be obtained

in addition to being easy to carry, it has a high cost performance ratio and is widely used as a standard product of anemometer

the elements of thermal anemometer include platinum wire, thermocouple and semiconductor,

II Ultrasonic type

this method is used to test the time when the ultrasonic wave is expected to be sent to a certain distance in 2019, and the arrival time is delayed due to the influence of wind, so as to test the wind speed


3rd power, the wind direction can be known

the sensor part is large, and turbulence may occur around the test part, making the flow irregular. Limited use

low popularity

III Impeller type

this method applies the principle of the windmill to test 1. How to improve the accuracy of the electronic universal experimental machine

for meteorological observation, etc

the principle is relatively simple and the price is cheap, but the test accuracy is low, so it is not suitable for the test of breeze speed and small wind speed change

low popularity

IV There are small holes at right angles to the front of the flow surface, and there are thin tubes inside to extract pressure from their respective holes. The wind speed can be known by testing the pressure difference (the former is full pressure and the latter is static pressure)

the principle is relatively simple and the price is cheap, but it must be set at right angles to the flow surface, otherwise the correct spot welding machine cannot be carried out, but one range

test. Not suitable for general use

is not used as anemometer, but as wind speed correction in high-speed domain

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