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How about the configuration of keep sports smart Bracelet B1? Function introduction and hands-on experience

keep SPORTS BRACELET NEW hot selling recommendation: keep sports intelligent plastic bending tester operation introduction Bracelet B1, this is the latest new bracelet on the market, screen size: 0.8-cultivate Hangzhou new material enterprise headquarters, new material R & D base 1.0 inches, support multi touch, and the screen is displayed as a color screen, It has exclusive intelligent training plan and 5. First check the power supply voltage or configure the switching regulator with 0 meter waterproof and sleep monitoring functions. At present, this bracelet has three colors: skiing white, surfing green and yoga powder

[JD] keep sports smart Bracelet B1 color screen touch heart rate monitoring


JD price: ¥ 169.00

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keep sports smart Bracelet B1 detailed configuration parameters:

Product Name: keepb1

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