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The functions of the rotary slotting machine, especially the introduction of oil pump or oil motor points

the rotary slotting machine is a machine that bundles the cardboard to be slotted with the rotary drum and transports it to the slotting position for slotting by several belts, so that the slots it opens will not move and will not deviate, thus ensuring the slotting quality, and the slotted cardboard will be automatically gathered together. Improved production efficiency, reduced labor intensity and scrap rate, It has won the unanimous praise of customers in ink "> carton packaging industry.

safe and efficient: it is safe and reliable compared with other rotary drum slotting machines (the waste at the lower corner of slotted paperboard is discharged automatically and does not need to be cleaned in the belt by hand) The paper board or density board is sucked by air, positioned in two directions and aligned mechanically. The paper board is pushed to the right by itself. The automatic continuous paper board feeding is safer and faster than the manual paper board feeding. It has more stable performance and higher precision than belt friction feeding paperboard

energy saving and environmental protection: the power consumption of the common slotting machine is kW, and that of this machine is 2.2kW, 220V. The lower corners of the slotted paperboard can be recycled, which can offset the electricity charge and tool loss, so as to reduce the production cost. It is necessary to closely track the cutting-edge cost of the world's science and technology. No noise and dust during production. It can be placed anywhere in the production workshop (except for special places). It occupies a small area and does not need to be equipped with another vacuum cleaner and air compressor

slotting effect: the slotted groove has no burr, is flat and smooth, and has high slot position accuracy

tool durability: it is equipped with a special tool grinder (simple operation) to grind a knife. It takes about minutes for the simple beam impact tester to solve the problem. The customer can grind the knife by himself

simple operation: the angle of the slotting tool can be adjusted on the machine (), and there is no need to customize the blade for different angles. Change the product specification and readjust the groove distance. The groove depth takes about half an hour

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