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Brief introduction green packaging is the main way to reduce packaging carbon emissions

based on the analysis of the carbon footprint of food packaging, the carbon emissions of food packaging are mainly caused by the use of electricity in energy and coal in production; The main way to solve this problem is to vigorously develop green packaging that implements reduction, reuse and recycling in the whole process of life cycle and does not cause harm to human body and ecology

vigorously implement the reduction of energy and resources. Carbon emission reduction requires green packaging to highlight the reduction of emissions of carbon, sulfur and other substances. To trace the causes, we should mainly realize the reduction of energy and resources: reduce energy consumption through process energy conservation, equipment energy conservation, replacing coal-fired boilers with oil fired boilers, and recycling process water; By optimizing the design and process, we can reduce the consumption of product resources. For example, reducing the residual materials of corrugated boxes from 15% to 10% can reduce the weight of paperboard materials by 25g/m2, which can directly save resources and energy and reduce carbon emissions. Food packaging enterprises have great potential for this

the main structural force of the large steel bar tensile machine adopts the raw material paper packaging that is conducive to carbon emission reduction, which is on the rise in the application of food packaging, especially soft packaging. At present, there are many non wood pulp in paper packaging in China, nearly 10million, accounting for 80% - 90% of the non wood pulp in the world. These non wood pulp raw materials are agricultural wastes such as rice straw and wheat straw. Burning these agricultural wastes will all be converted into carbon dioxide; If these agricultural wastes are used for pulping, production and packaging, the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced by at least half, and at the same time, a lot of forest resources that protect the ecology of manufacturers such as pillows and mattresses using polyurethane materials can be saved. Using non wood pulp to make paper packaging is a major contribution of China's packaging industry to reducing carbon emissions

vigorously promote the recycling and reuse of packaging waste recycling of packaging waste not only makes up for the shortage of waste resources such as waste steel and waste paper in China, but also directly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions: recycled waste paper pulping can save 50% - 70% of energy and water resources compared with wood pulping; The packaging containers made of recycled waste plastics can save 85% - 96% energy than those made of resin. 5. Antibacterial modified engineering plastics can be used as new packaging; Compared with mining bauxite ore to make a new tank, the two-piece aluminum recovery tank can save 95% energy; Recycling waste iron cans and glass containers to make new packaging also saves 50% - 75% energy than using iron ore and quartz sand to produce packaging

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