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Green packaging thinking continues to emerge in the plastic cosmetic bottle Market

many plastic bottle suppliers and buyers - daily chemical enterprises have shown great concern about lightweight, especially mass personal care products, such as skin care products packaged in plastic bottles or plastic cans

tric3. Brake pedal force: 390n, 340norbraun company (headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA) regional sales from vehicle, lightweight steel to small 5 gold, kitchen utensils, electric tools and other sales managers don Forbes said: "generally, compared with injection molded containers, plastic bottles or plastic cans are easier to achieve the goal of lightweight." Don Forbes recently cooperated with a large daily necessities manufacturer to successfully lighten the daily plastic cans. TricorBraun owns an engineering group in Buffalo, New York, which can help consumers judge whether a package can achieve the goal of weight loss

Michael hoard of aluminum packaging New York company believes that lightweight has also made a great contribution to the hose. "Our hose and bottle cap series are very appropriate examples. Especially when we use the hose sleeve label with reduced weight, the advantage of lightweight is more obvious." This type of hose is usually used in personal care products

Dean Umland, product manager for household and personal care of seaquist closures bottle cap company (headquartered in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA), said: "lightweight bottle caps can alleviate people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development. We have bottle caps that consume less energy for production and transportation, and use less raw materials for production." Dean Umland said that the new bottle cap newly developed by seaquist closures has reduced the use of plastic by 8% to 27%

Marny bielefeldt, marketing manager of alpha packaging company (headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA), believes that the list of packaging suppliers for retailers such as Wal Mart is more competitive, and more and more daily chemical enterprises are also considering using lightweight packaging

Don Forbes believes that the qualification of Wal Mart packaging suppliers requires enterprises to comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. When we finally want to deal with it, weight reduction action is a favorable promoting factor. "My customers usually ask, how can we make the packaging better, produce faster, make the packaging stronger, and reduce the weight at the same time? Today, no one needs excessive packaging. The lightweight packaging is more conducive to environmental protection, but also effectively helps enterprises reduce costs. Therefore, there is no reason for daily chemical enterprises not to consider lightweight packaging."

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