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According to the news from * post office station, recently, in order to implement * the idea of ecological civilization and fight the battle of pollution prevention and control in the postal industry, it has provided first-class performance to guide enterprises operating express business to do a good job in green packaging. According to the Interim Regulations on express delivery and other relevant regulations, *The post office formulated and issued the "green packaging guide for express industry (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide"), which stipulates the objectives of green packaging in the industry, that is, the green packaging in the express industry adheres to the working objectives of standardization, reduction and recycling, strengthens the coordination with upstream and downstream, and gradually realizes the reduction and reuse of packaging materials

the guide points out that the general requirement of green packaging in the industry is that enterprises operating express delivery business should use environmental protection packaging materials in accordance with regulations. On the premise of not affecting the safety of express delivery, gradually choose low gram weight and high-strength packaging materials, and design and use unified packaging or buffers; Adhere to the standardization of enterprise related charging items, excessive burden, non-standard charging, unfair high prices and other problems still exist in operation and production, and avoid illegal sorting operations; Explore the development and use of recycling packaging information system and recycling equipment

in terms of procurement, statistics, training, etc., the guide guides enterprises to gradually establish a green supply system, gradually establish an internal statistical system for the use of express packaging materials, and actively organize employees to carry out training on green packaging standards and operating specifications

in terms of the specific operation of green packaging, the guide proposes that when purchasing and using plastic packaging, enterprises can add fully biodegradable plastic inspection factors, gradually increase the purchase proportion of plastic packaging bags that meet the standards, establish a promotion mechanism for the application of green packaging, and actively provide users with green packaging options for the production of new generation PU coated fabrics through the technology of insqin brand overall solution, And establish the corresponding incentive mechanism to promote the application of green packaging. At the same time, priority should be given to the purchase of packaging materials produced by water-based printing process, or packaging materials produced by enterprises with green certification qualification. The use of packaging tape should meet the requirements of relevant standards

in terms of reduction operation, the guide encourages enterprises to actively explore the use of new express containers such as recycling express boxes and shared express boxes, gradually reduce the consumption of packaging consumables, and put forward requirements for the use of buffer fillers and the printing of packaging items. The guide also points out that when sending standard products of agreement customers, enterprises should strengthen the coordination with upstream e-commerce enterprises or production enterprises, actively recommend simple packaging to agreement customers, and gradually reduce secondary packaging

in terms of recyclable operation, the guide requires enterprises to actively promote the provision of clearly marked express packaging recycling containers in distribution centers and business points, establish corresponding working mechanisms and business processes, and promote the recycling and reuse of packaging materials. We should gradually promote the use of recyclable express packages and avoid the use of disposable plastic woven bags. The materials and specifications used by the express general contractor should meet the relevant standards of the express industry, and the number of recycling should not be less than 20 times

in recent years, postal administration departments and delivery enterprises at all levels have actively implemented * the work deployment of the post office on green development, and the green packaging work of express delivery has been solidly and effectively promoted, laying a solid foundation for the green development of the industry. According to preliminary statistics, up to now, major brand express companies can save at least 5.5 billion express packaging supplies each year by taking measures such as reducing excessive packaging and recycling cartons; The popularity of electronic face orders has increased to 92%, which can save at least 3.9 yuan and 31.4 billion pieces of traditional paper face orders every year, which is lower than that at the beginning of the year. The healthy development of "Green Express" is becoming a common practice

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