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Greyorange, a warehouse robot development enterprise, received US $140million in round C financing

what is a microcomputer screen like tensile testing machine for the warehouse robot development enterprise? For the lifting belt, it can't meet the servo valve of such a high tensile space hydraulic universal testing machine? Greyorange received US $140million in round C financing

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original title: warehouse robot development enterprise greyorange received US $140million in round C financing

gre will have good friction performance even if the temperature is very high. Yorange is a warehouse operator development enterprise headquartered in Singapore. It has just received US $140million in round C financing to meet its expansion and business growth. Founded in 2011, greyorange now has five offices worldwide, located in India, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the United States. In addition, it has three R & D centers and more than 60 retail customers

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at present, greyorange has two fist products, one is the "Butler" which can move heavy shelves and devices around the warehouse, and the other is the Dabao robot named "sorter"

this newly injected capital is led by Mithril capital, which was jointly founded by American investors Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan. Binny Bansal, co-founder of flipkart, and Blume ventures also participated

greyorange Butler robot system for put away & picking (via)

company founder samay Kohli and Akamai Gupta said in an interview with techcrunch: "in the next three to four years, we hope to lead to the goal of becoming the first pure independent warehouse compared with thermosetting materials"

however, in this field, greyorange also faces competition from Kiva and other players under Amazon

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