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The decoration contract is a contract signed before the decoration of the house. The decoration contract combines the actual situation of the construction of the family room decoration project. In accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, under the condition of equality, voluntariness and consensus through negotiation, Party A and Party B reach an agreement on the relevant matters of the employer's family room decoration project. Generally speaking, a complete decoration contract will include the project budget, design drawings, construction technology, construction plan and material purchase orders of both parties

first of all, the signing of the decoration contract needs to clarify the main body of both parties, that is, the identity of both parties and the contact information of both parties should be accurate and clear. At the end of the contract signing, there will be a seal link. At this time, it is not only necessary to seal the company name, but also to write down the name of the decoration company. In addition, it should be noted that the seal name should be exactly the same as the decoration company signing the contract. If the two are inconsistent, then we have to ask about the relationship between the two, and it should be noted in the contract. Why do you do this? The reason for doing this is that in case there is a dispute between the two parties, with the relatively complete legal person registration of the decoration company, for the settlement of disputes such as future complaints or lawsuits, it can save a lot of trouble, and the exact responsible person can also be found

if the owner wants not to be cheated, he must be prepared before signing the decoration contract, for example, he has certain decoration knowledge (the designer's drawings can be understood, and he is required to get all the design drawings of the complete pattern), has market research and understanding of the materials (he can go to several material factories to understand the prices and specifications of the materials in advance) Compare the quantities of the project (shop around, how can the decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. A reasonable design will save a certain amount of cost in the final realization of the same result), etc. A complete decoration contract is very necessary for the owner, which is related to the quantity and cost of decoration, and it is also the place to avoid engineering disputes. So we must pay attention to it

it is suggested that the owner should prepare all the drawings as much as possible when signing the decoration contract. If he is still working on the drawings after the decoration is started, there will be some unnecessary trouble, and a lot of time and money will come along. Some families do not have a good understanding of the project, such as the understanding of the project shape. If there are complete and detailed drawings, the understanding distance between the designer and the owner will be reduced, and even an agreement can be reached. Therefore, the small and medium-sized editor above suggested that the owner should have a certain knowledge of decoration design, be able to understand the drawings, and can put forward his own design suggestions to the designer

in terms of quotation, the owner should also be more attentive. In the decoration contract, the decoration company is accustomed to the overall quotation, which generally confuses the materials, so the extra cost is calculated. The owner only sees the total price given by the decoration company, but does not see the brand used by various materials, so the other party will opportunistic, steal the concept, and earn the price difference. For example, some clauses that are not specific and can be understood in many ways need attention. In a word, no matter how tricky the decoration company is and how general it is written in the contract, the owner should protect his own rights and interests, see all kinds of materials clearly, clarify the price and brand of materials, and require accurate labels

determine the materials written in the decoration contract and be accurate. Do not change in the decoration process. If it is not determined in advance (when signing the contract), there will be increases and decreases in the construction, which will disrupt the decoration plan and increase unnecessary trouble or expenses. Because the increase, decrease and change of the construction project need to make changes to the original contract, at this time, both parties must negotiate and sign a written change agreement, and the relevant construction period, decoration budget and drawings must have corresponding changes, which must be signed and confirmed by both parties

here is a reminder that the owner can ask the decoration company to give a reference quotation in the project quotation in the hydropower transformation. The main reason for such suggestions is that consumers often react. When the project is settled, it is found that there is a gap between the settlement amount and their own budget, and such a significant gap is mainly due to the hydropower transformation. In particular, it should be noted that if the decoration company writes in terms of actual occurrence, such a description is very vague. For the same hydropower reconstruction project you require, the quantities of different companies will vary, and the money spent will naturally be different. At this time, the owner can let the decoration company give specific quantities, so as to avoid the deception of the decoration company

finally, it's better not to mention some terms that can't be done. The relevant project quotation, but the required construction quality is as difficult as Qingtian. Such terms are generally not supported by the market in contract certification. If the decoration company finally agrees to accept it, it is only to get the project. Finally, there is still some unnecessary trouble if it is not done

although the formulation of the decoration contract is a little cumbersome, for their own interests, I hope the owners will not neglect it





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