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Although the beginning of autumn has passed, the summer heat has not disappeared, and the weather is still hot. Like the weather in August, there is also a new Dihao door and window Guiyang store activity to give back to new and old customers

although the beginning of autumn has passed, the summer heat has not disappeared, and the weather is still hot. Like the weather in August, there is also the Guiyang exclusive store of new Dihao doors and windows. In order to give back to new and old customers, an anniversary celebration was held locally on August 18, with thanksgiving gifts and luxury awards such as smashing golden eggs. The atmosphere at the event was warm. President Huang's good reputation and high-quality and low-cost products attracted a large number of Guiyang citizens to buy, setting off a wave of frenzy of looting

there are rich product series and many styles

the front door of the exclusive store is spacious and magnificent, and the decorations for activities such as hanging flags, x-stands, balloons, floor stickers, fireworks, etc. in the store are festively arranged. There are many unique product series, including sliding windows, broken bridge casement windows, sliding doors, casement doors, sunshine rooms and other products. The colors are novel and complete, all of which are the mainstream colors in the market, covering a variety of decoration styles

anniversary celebration, gratitude and feedback,

being polite when entering the store, and offering a big price in the audience,

being sincere, it continues to attract customers

line up to sign contracts and return with a full load

the headquarters of new Dihao doors and windows sent elite sales managers to help, and tacitly cooperated with general manager Huang's team to explain the product performance characteristics to every customer entering the store. Through talking with the sales team, customers have a deeper understanding and understanding of new Dihao products. High quality products, ultra-low prices, and rich gift awards have made customers applaud and line up to place orders. When you buy your favorite products, you can also smash golden eggs on site to win luxury awards. The joy on site is filled, and customers gradually smile. It can be said that you can return with a full load

call the Guiyang exclusive store again, and congratulate Mr. Huang on his sales volume

the trust and support of customers are our greatest recognition. Xindihao window will never forget its original intention, adhere to the spirit of excellence and meticulous craftsmanship into all links of production, pursue the ultimate product quality, and provide consumers with safe and environmentally friendly high-quality home products




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