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The 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo 2016 is about to open. At this grand event, Shengtian will bring the latest customization concepts and products, and make a wonderful appearance in the custom furniture hall 15.3-014 in zone C

The 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo 2016 is about to open. As the "first exhibition of building materials in Asia", Guangzhou Construction Expo has developed into the largest and most complete architectural decoration exhibition in Asia and even the world. This year, the "home gate" exhibition hall is full of celebrities and elites. The exhibition area will reach 340000 square meters, and more than 130000 professional visitors at home and abroad are expected to attend, ranking first among similar exhibitions in Asia

this door exhibition is divided into four links: fashion new product release, channel maintenance, industry exchange and design guidance. Innovation, rich attractions and novel vision are the curiosity seeking experience of the fashion release function of the exhibition; Industry interaction, expert gatherings and activities are the interactive experience of industry exchange; The market is dominant and there are many celebrities, which can be described as a fashion feast of "home door"

custom style personalized style

from niche needs to widespread recognition, Furniture Customization has become a fashion. The trend of overall customization will be set off again at the 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo. Shengtian door industry will bring the latest customization concepts and products, and will make a wonderful appearance in the custom furniture hall 15.3-014 in zone C

safety and environmental protection, responding to the national policy

home building materials, energy conservation and environmental protection have always been the development goals of China's home industry. With the full implementation of the two child policy in China, the environmental protection and safety of doors and windows have become the key consideration of all gate enterprises. The new products exhibited in Shengtian strictly comply with China's regulations on environmental protection doors and windows. The products meet the requirements of China's environmental protection doors and windows from design, material selection to process production

smart home loves home and life

with the continuous development of science and technology, consumers prefer more convenient, fast and intelligent products. The 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo will shine with intelligence

Shengtian will launch new smart home door series in this Construction Expo. Hall 15.3-014 of Shengtian Hall C will show you more smart home products with style design. There are intelligent aluminum alloy sliding doors, intelligent courtyard doors, intelligent stainless steel security doors and other new products. This new product is designed and developed by domestic and foreign design teams after one year. The early trial of new products has received a good response from the market. Intelligence, technology and security. With the advent of the era of smart home, our life will become more convenient and fast. Love home, love life

the 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo, in order to "achieve a better life in smart home", we will meet you from July 8 to 11, 2016

activity name: the 18th China (International) Architectural Decoration Expo

China Construction Expo Guangzhou building materials exhibition

exhibition time: 2016-7-8 to 2016-7-11

exhibition location: Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair

Shengtian booth No.: 15.3-014 in Zone C





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