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On July 31, China Architectural Decoration Association evaluated Wuhan Yixin cabinet

on July 31, the environmental protection evaluation activity of cabinet products carried out by China Architectural Decoration Association was successfully carried out at No. 58, Sitai Industrial Park, HUANGJINKOU, Hanyang District, Wuhan. Under the leadership of qiuchengfu, the manager of Yixin cabinet production department, and the factory director, Han Hong, the sampling inspector of the kitchen and bathroom Engineering Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, randomly selected the plates corresponding to the product model declared by Yixin cabinet on site, and sent them to the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of wood-based panels and wood and bamboo products after sealing, pasting seals, mailing packaging and other details. It is understood that the test results will be tested by the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of wood-based panels and wood and bamboo products in accordance with standards higher than the national standard. The test results will show the high quality and environmental protection of each cabinet product with detailed data

the new cabinet factory, the largest cabinet production base in Central China, covers an area of 16800 square meters, including office buildings, dormitory buildings, production workshops, cabinet exhibition halls and other areas. Shanghai Zhonghua cabinet network, together with the sampling team of China Architectural Decoration Association, visited and experienced a new international production line to observe the imported cabinet processing machinery, as well as the quality of plates and hardware accessories used in cabinets

the exhibition hall of a new factory allows consumers to have a close look at the most popular and diversified kitchen decoration styles at present, and comprehensively interprets the new concept of tasteful life and environmental protection life for consumers. The reporter learned from the scene that the full range of customized products such as cabinets and wardrobes have a wide variety of accessories and a wide range of free choices

the reporter learned from the scene that Yixin cabinet won the "national top ten cabinet quality brands", "3.15 integrity brand", "building materials products trusted by the mainstream media" "Wuhan famous trademark" and other honors of integrity. Yixin cabinet has established a good strategic partnership with international well-known material suppliers such as egger in Austria and DuPont in the United States. The product materials are imported green and environmentally friendly plates, and the hardware accessories are the products of international top accessories suppliers such as Braun in Austria and heitisch in Germany, ensuring the environmental protection quality of the products




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