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The cost of network is becoming more and more huge, and the transformation of traditional companies into e-commerce has become unstoppable. However, traditional companies have been looking forward and backward when transforming into e-commerce. Nowadays, many traditional big Mac companies that claim to be transformed have been the bulk of the sales volume of offline dealers, many of which account for more than 80%. If the transformation is too fierce, the impact of online to offline is too great, which will arouse the collective opposition of dealers. Just unite to not take goods, not to mention half a month, that is, not taking goods for three days in a row, will lead to a sharp decline in performance and panic the boss

it is also because of this layer that traditional door and window manufacturers are transforming into e-commerce, as if they are always in a dilemma. Therefore, in the process of transforming traditional door and window manufacturers into e-commerce, it is necessary to deal with the contact of dealers, and the key is to deal with the question of benefit distribution

online e-commerce and traditional dealers. Door and window manufacturers face difficulties at both ends.

crisis: dealers are estranged and loyalty is reduced.

a company with a history of 15 years has more than 4000 dealers in the country, but the dealer planning is not widespread. This company is very sensitive to the Internet. A few years ago, it began to capture the business opportunities on the Internet, and first joined the Internet in its career. It opened flagship stores in tmall,, etc., and made special sales in vipshop, etc. basically, it can achieve more than 100 million a month. The question now is that the company is strong in online e-commerce and does not allow dealers to open online stores. This year, offline sales have decreased by more than 40%, and the reason for dealers is that online business has greatly impacted the business of their offline dealers. Although there are elements of the market downturn here, it is the consequence of its online and offline interests not being well balanced. As a result, the dealers are now ganging up with the company every once in a while

making trouble is one thing, and the biggest danger is that dealers are estranged, and their loyalty to the brand is greatly reduced. Even some dealers show that they hang their brands offline for drainage, and sell others' brands in stores. In fact, as for traditional door and window manufacturers, no matter how well online sales and offline sales are carried out, they still account for a small proportion. Moreover, the rebound of offline dealers is too large, which will also hinder and negatively affect the further development of e-commerce for doors and windows

factor: the company has "two hands", and dealers have no way to go

in fact, in the process of transforming e-commerce, traditional companies are easily tempted by the huge profit space of "de intermediation" for a while. The traditional form of provincial agency, regional agency and first-class agency dilutes the company's profits. After e-commerce for a while, you can "go to the intermediary" to reach the consumer, and the company will suddenly find that the profit space of self selling is much larger. For example, in the past, only 30% of the profits can be made through dealers. In the future, manufacturers can account for 60% or even greater profits by completely bypassing dealers

heavy profits are at the forefront, so the company adopts the "two handed" approach. On the one hand, it is to carry out large-scale sorting on the Internet, but all stores without its authorization complain and close the store; On the one hand, we should form a team by ourselves, completely put down the dealers and open our own official flagship store. The offline business of dealers has become more and more difficult. Opening an online store can not get any support from the company, and it has even been suppressed under the slogan of "sorting". The money made by dealers offline can not support the e-commerce team, which forces many dealers to have no way out. In this case, the stronger the company's flagship stores and exclusive stores are, the greater the impact on the dealers will be, and finally the dealers can only abandon the agency right of the brand and find another way out

handling: take the dealers together and share the benefits

in fact, the reason why offline dealers oppose e-commerce is because they feel that e-commerce has robbed their own business. If the door and window manufacturers clearly share the benefits with a wide range of dealers when transforming into e-commerce, many questions can be easily handled. For example, the company's flagship stores also encourage dealers to "race horses" and open franchised stores on various platforms. The company has the same support in terms of policy and capital investment. Whether dealers do well depends on their own investment and efforts

many dealers have also realized that e-commerce is the general trend. Moreover, for large-scale online promotional activities such as "6.18" and "double 11", many consumers will be exposed to promotional information through PC and mobile terminals, especially young people. Although they usually do not have the habit of spending in stores, they will be attracted to online stores of dealers due to "spending Carnival shopping Festival". Many dealers have found that if they can seize the opportunity to serve them online, they can also attract users for their offline physical stores. Perhaps consumers originally only want to buy something the same, but due to the good experience in the dealer's online store, they may also be guided to the dealer's physical store to buy more goods

therefore, the distribution of interests is the key to dealing with the conflict between the upper and lower lines of doors and windows. Door and window manufacturers should take dealers to play together. The company's official flagship store and many dealers work together to obtain more traffic online

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