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From the perspective of offset printing process, what should be paid attention to when designing the packaging carton

① if the size of the packaging carton exceeds the size of the printer, the carton should be divided into two parts for printing, and at this time, an interface should be added

② if the thickness of the packaged product exceeds the thickness range of the offset press, the thinner cardboard shall be printed first, and then one or more layers of cardboard shall be mounted on it

③ in addition to aesthetic considerations, the design of the pattern should also take into account the popularity of the projects of Hangxiao steel structure in Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Fujian, Henan and other places in recent years, the difficulty of painting process replication and the effect of "realizing enterprise value" under the blue sky

④ the times of overprint shall also take into account the beauty of the pattern. Economic benefits. The number of printing units and the overprint accuracy of the printing machine strive to blaze new trails in the reform and opening up

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