What should chemical enterprises do when factories

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What should chemical enterprises do when factories with tight raw materials shut down

what should chemical enterprises do when factories with tight raw materials shut down

December 7, 2017

otherwise, the test pieces are prone to shrinkage and deformation, affecting the strength

- in 2017, a variety of raw materials ushered in the "collective price rise" trend, driving the nerves of the market. In particular, in recent months, the price of raw materials has continued to rise, the unsaturated resin market negotiation has been light, and the market participants have become increasingly emotional about the recent market price rise; The price of raw materials rose. While the cost was slightly supported, the unsaturated resin market did not rule out the possibility of following up the narrow upward trend of raw materials

China's styrene market rose, while East China's styrene market rose in shock. There is a lack of directional guidance in the market, the operation of the commercial investment body is more cautious, and the negotiation focus of the domestic styrene market is still supported to a certain extent. Therefore, it is expected that the breakthrough power of styrene market is insufficient, and the shock trend will be maintained temporarily. Although the inventory of East China port is kept at a low level, the styrene market may continue the box shock pattern in the short term

the market of styrene was crazy at the end of November

to talk about the crazy price of unsaturated resin, we must also talk about the raw materials of unsaturated resin. As we all know, the main raw materials of unsaturated resin are mainly phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, bicyclic, diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, styrene, etc. One of the most important raw materials is maleic anhydride

the crazy price of unsaturated resin mainly comes from the crazy price of maleic anhydride. 80% of maleic anhydride is used on unsaturated resin. There are mainly two processes for maleic anhydride in China, one is benzene process. The raw material owner is coking benzene or petroleum benzene, and the other is n-butane process. In the early years, benzene process benefited from low-cost coal mines in China, but with the control of coal mines in China, especially in Shanxi, the cost of raw materials increased

enterprises are facing multiple challenges

industry experts said that, like the previous "price rise provides enterprises with a set of very good management requirements and a platform for continuous improvement", after this "price rise", the pattern of most domestic industries may undergo new changes, the profit margins of small and medium-sized enterprises will be squeezed, and the industry concentration will be further improved. The strong will always be strong, and the industry may usher in a reshuffle

2017, most domestic industries were coerced into the army of price rise, and price rise has already become the "main melody" of most industries. According to market monitoring, raw materials have increased significantly, which has disturbed the stability of the terminal market and attracted a lot of attention. So how much did these raw materials go up, causing many small and medium-sized enterprises to "complain" about the squeeze on their profit space

enterprises must bear the brunt of the "rising tide" of raw materials. In theory, the rising price of raw materials is a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. With the increase of production costs, the profit margin is bound to become smaller

at this time, if the enterprise raises the selling price to tide over the difficulties, it may lose its original price competitive advantage; If we do not raise the product price and maintain the original price, we will face increased costs and profit squeeze. Therefore, the rising prices of raw materials have put some small and medium-sized enterprises in a dilemma, lamenting that "it is not easy to raise prices, but more difficult to make money"

how enterprises deal with crisis

"the current situation is like playing cards. It is difficult to ride a tiger. No one knows who will be shuffled by the market next." According to relevant insiders, the rise in raw materials is a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. Now, with the rise in the price of raw materials, the price of natural gas is also rising, and the cost of enterprises remains high, even many enterprises are facing shutdown

as the prices of raw materials and production costs continue to rise, manufacturing enterprises in difficult living conditions are under more heavy pressure. For this price rise, on the one hand, the cost will increase, and the profit margin of production enterprises will be squeezed. In fact, many foreign chemical enterprises with a long history have been using equipment for decades, which will enable enterprises to vigorously control production costs when producing products. If they use inferior or even fake raw materials for production, they will be shoddy. Of course, these enterprises are actually "playing with fire" and will eventually be eliminated by the market

on the other hand, pressure can also be transformed into a driving force, prompting some small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate and change in difficulties, strengthen themselves in the tide of rising prices, and develop into elite enterprises

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