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What should be paid attention to in the construction of brick bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinets are generally made of three materials: metal, wood and brick. Although more and more people begin to accept this method, after all, the finished bathroom cabinets are convenient and familiar to everyone. Many people still have doubts about how Brick bathroom cabinets are

how about brick bathroom cabinets

in terms of price and practicality, brick bathroom cabinets still have a high cost performance ratio. Although the finished bathroom cabinet has a variety of sizes, it is still relatively fixed in general. It is more suitable for families with large bathroom space. If it is only a bathroom space of ordinary area, the brick bathroom cabinet will have greater flexibility. It can be accurately customized according to the size of the bathroom and the design needs. The size and size can be discussed. It is suitable for most families

the sealing ring or combined pad shall be replaced in time when the brick bathroom cabinet is made of bricks; According to the usage of the machine and the service life of the oil, the bathroom cabinet is mainly made of cement. The bathroom cabinet is relatively strong and can be used. The appearance can be fitted with ceramic tiles. Although the material looks ordinary, it is characterized by convenient cleaning, freshness and durability

precautions for brick bathroom cabinet

brick bathroom cabinet is flexible in design. Before construction, measure the size with the master and communicate actively. When preparing materials in the early stage, it should be noted that there are many bricks, such as red bricks, green bricks, hollow bricks, etc. now, there are many antique bricks and mosaics used to build bathroom cabinets. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. Considering the special environment of the bathroom, it is recommended to choose glazed smooth bricks, which is more convenient for cleaning

now there are more choices in the tile color and style of the brick bathroom cabinet than before. If you want to avoid the flat brick hand washing table, it is recommended not to choose white tiles. If you choose white tiles, put some thought on the basin on the stage, or decorate a small pot of green plants to enrich the visual effect. In addition, the pointing of ceramic tiles is easy to turn black, especially the white tiles. If they are not cleaned regularly, the pointing is more likely to be dirty. In order not to affect the beauty of the hand washing table, it is recommended to use anti mildew and dirt resistant jointing agent

when making the countertop of the bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to reserve 7. According to the loading speed required by the experiment, the drainage hole of the basin and the water supply hole of the faucet. It is best to buy the wash basin and faucet first, otherwise the construction accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It should be noted that this brick bathroom cabinet has a better effect with a basin on the table. The general market space is very large. Basically, there is nothing wrong with the brick bathroom cabinet, so customers should try to choose better bathroom hardware accessories when purchasing hardware accessories. Otherwise, when problems occur and need to be replaced, it will inevitably damage the bathroom cabinet

brick bathroom cabinets are relatively easier to clean and clean, but they are not as convenient as finished bathroom cabinets if they need to be replaced. You can choose according to your actual situation

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