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What should be paid attention to when purchasing soybean milk machine

for consumers, the soymilk machine that can grind high-quality soymilk is the most worth buying. As for the purchase of soymilk machine, experts remind consumers to treat it rationally.

relevant professionals of Gome electric appliance said that there are three main standards for the purchase of household soymilk machine: 1. Milk concentration; 2. Safety and health; 3. Fully functional. That is to say, only when the three standards are met can the soybean milk machine have quality assurance

I. The concentration of milk determines the taste:

the concentration index of soymilk directly determines the taste of soymilk. A cup of high-quality soymilk has rich aroma, excellent taste and rich nutrition. There are two ways to distinguish the concentration of soybean milk polished by the soybean milk machine: one is to observe the soybean milk. Good soybean milk should have a strong bean flavor and taste smooth. When it is slightly cool, there is a layer of oil on the surface. Second, it depends on the texture of soybean dregs. Whether the texture of soybean dregs is uniform directly determines the concentration of soybean milk. If the texture of soybean dregs is coarse and uneven, the concentration of soybean milk must be reduced and the taste is weak. Moreover, the nutrition of low concentration soybean milk cannot be evenly released into the slurry, which is not only poor in taste, but also greatly reduced in nutritional value

therefore, the high-quality soybean milk machine will break the beans and beat them well during the grinding process. At present, the "grain refiner" technology in the market uses the principle of fluid mechanics and the scientific and efficient comminution principle of concentrated flow comminution, i.e. "collision grinding", to realize the fine grinding of raw materials in a small space, which greatly improves the comminution effect, makes nutrition more sufficient, and is conducive to human absorption. Its blunt X-shaped cyclone blade design is also convenient for cleaning after use, and improves the safety of use; The third generation soymilk free machine adopts non nutritive rotary grinding technology. The non nutritive rotary grinding technology uses the mechanical principle. The blade rotates at a high speed to form a downward thrust, which is similar to the vortex of a black hole. With the help of four flow blocking grooves like a dam, the beans are repeatedly polished by using the drop of water flow. The taste of the polished beans is retro, fragrant and smooth, just like the soybean milk ground by the stone mill in the countryside, and it is more nutritious

II. Safety and health are the basic requirements:

a big reason why many consumers choose to make their own soymilk is that considering the health problem, making soymilk seems to be a simple job, but there are several links to pay attention to when it is really done:

1 In the process of soaking beans, ordinary beans are soaked in water for hours before grinding, and then put into a soybean milk machine for grinding. However, nutritionists have proved that the water for soaking beans contains the nutrients in beans, which are easy to decay. If the temperature and time are not properly controlled during soaking beans, it is not only easy to cause microbial infection and nutritional corruption, but also can produce carcinogenic aflatoxin, which is very harmful to human health. The latest dry bean technology is designed for the above disadvantages of the traditional soybean milk machine, which solves the safety hidden dangers derived from the process of "soaking beans"

2. The soybean milk machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned every time it is used. The traditional soybean milk machine uses the "cover" technology, so that there are dead corners during cleaning. If the cleaning is not clean or timely, the residue will become moldy and smelly and even easily produce carcinogens. If the cleaning is not clean and the plug hole is blocked, it will also seriously affect the quality of the next use and shorten the service life of the soybean milk machine. In this respect, the advantage of no soybean milk machine is quite obvious. Because there is no cover for high-performance functional materials such as high-performance catalytic materials, there is no problem of soybean residue residue or unclean cleaning

III. The self-made soybean milk is healthy only when it is thoroughly cooked:

the research shows that the raw soybean milk contains the components of toxins and antitrypsin of the manufacturer Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which can not be digested and absorbed by the intestines and stomach. It is easy to have toxic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after drinking. However, the above substances can only be decomposed after the soybean milk is fully cooked, Therefore, it is a key procedure to cook the self-made soybean milk thoroughly

IV. pay attention to the brand quality of soymilk machines:

Jiuyang and other brand soymilk machines adopt the "slow cooking" technology of half wave power reduction to keep soymilk simmering for 6 minutes and 50 seconds between ℃ until it is completely cooked according to the statistics; The technology of Midea and other brands of soymilk machines completes the conversion from solid state to liquid state through the unique cooking program of full computer intelligence, and converts the nutrients that are not easy to absorb into the nutrients that are easy to absorb. At the same time, the number of turns of the blade and the boiling time are specially designed for dry beans, so that consumers can reduce the trouble of waiting for soaked beans. The operation is simpler and the taste is still mellow

v. simple operation, time-saving and convenient:

in addition, different consumers have different views on who is more nutritious when making soybean milk with wet or dry beans. In fact, dry bean pulping will not cause the loss of nutrition in soybean milk. Therefore, consumers' concerns in this regard are superfluous

with the development of soybean milk machine, with the continuous innovation of technology and the increasingly perfect function, it is far from being simply defined as "soybean milk machine". Consumers can make all kinds of drinks according to their own needs; In addition, manufacturers have also made great efforts in the added value of soymilk machines. Fashionable appearance and intelligent control have all added chips to the purchase of soymilk machines, making the choice of soymilk machines more diversified. Big brands such as Jiuyang, Midea and Dongling are aiming at the huge market potential, increasing investment and making it public. With the continuous promotion of Gome and other home appliance chain enterprises to the market, we believe that we have more expectations for soybean milk opportunities in the future

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