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What should be paid attention to when using the thermal aging test chamber

the scientific name of the thermal aging test chamber is the air exchange aging test chamber, which is applicable to the heat resistance test of electrical insulation materials, the air exchange aging test of electronic parts and plasticized products, to assess and judge their adaptability to storage and use under high temperature environmental conditions, and the samples are aged in the air under simulated high temperature and atmospheric pressure The length of the sample shall be such that after the sample is clamped by the upper and lower clamps of the tensile machine, the test length of the sample shall be ensured to be between (150 ± 2) mm, and its performance shall be measured and compared with that of the non aged sample

the temperature control instrument of the thermal aging test chamber adopts (Korean Sanyuan) imported digital display high-precision integrated controller; The control instrument has the following characteristics:

1, accuracy: 0.1 ℃ (display range)

2. Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer

3. Control mode of thermal aging test chamber: thermal balance temperature regulation mode

4. The two fulcrum spacing system of temperature control and adjustment adopts the coordinated control of pid+s SR system with the same channel

5. It has the function of automatic calculation, which can immediately correct the temperature change conditions, making the temperature control more accurate and stable

precautions for use of thermal aging test chamber

1 Before using the thermal aging test chamber, pay attention to whether the voltage is correct. It is only applicable to the power supply marked on the machine, so as to avoid excessive power, which may cause the power supply to go off

it can also consume the high-grade powder inventory accumulated when the profit is rich. Today, the transaction is still dominated by low-grade powder ore When the displayed temperature is very different from the actual temperature (measured by the standard thermometer), do not adjust the parts of the circuit board at will. Check whether the water, electricity and gas systems of the equipment are normal. Notify Kunshan Haida instrument of the company, and our company will send personnel to deal with it

3. Do not open the machine at will when the temperature changes during use

4. Do not place in a damp place to prevent electric leakage

5. Do not wash with water directly to prevent electric leakage

6. It is forbidden to put volatile substances such as alcohol and adhesives and acidic substances in the machine to prevent accidents

7. Do not use combustible materials near the machine to prevent accidents

8. Please put the articles into the thermal aging test chamber carefully

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