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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of CNC machine tools

precautions in the maintenance of CNC machine tools:

(1) when a circuit board with the former as a fully manual operation block is taken out from the whole machine, it will return to the top in time. As shown in Figure 3, the corresponding position and connected cable number shall be recorded. For the fixed circuit board, the corresponding crimping parts and screws shall be removed from the front and back for recording. The disassembled pressing parts and screws shall be placed in a special box to avoid loss. After assembly, all the things in the box shall be used, otherwise the assembly is incomplete

(2) the electric soldering iron should be placed in front of the maintenance circuit board. The soldering iron head shall be properly trimmed to adapt to the welding of integrated circuit and avoid damaging other components during welding

(3) when measuring the resistance value between lines, the power supply shall be cut off. When measuring the resistance value, the red and black probes shall be interchanged for measurement twice, and the one with large resistance value shall be taken as the reference value

(4) most of the circuit boards are brushed with solder mask. Therefore, the corresponding solder joint should be found as the test point during measurement. Do not remove the solder mask. Some boards are all brushed with insulating layer, so only use a blade to scrape the insulating layer at the solder joint

(5) do not cut off the printed circuit at will. Some maintenance personnel have some experience in home appliance maintenance and are used to line breaking inspection. However, most of the circuit boards on the numerical control equipment are double-sided metal perforated plates or multi-layer perforated plates. The printed lines are thin and dense. Once cut, it is difficult to weld, and it is easy to cut off the adjacent lines when cutting. In addition, there are some points that when cutting a line, it cannot be separated from the line, and several lines need to be cut at the same time

(6) do not disassemble or replace components at will. Some maintenance personnel, without identifying the faulty component, just feel that the component is broken, and immediately replace it. In this way, the false judgment rate is high, and the artificial damage rate of the removed component is also high. Inlet pump valve

(7) when disassembling components, use a tin suction device and a tin suction rope. Do not take them by force. The same pad shall not be heated for a long time, such as the constant temperature and humidity control system used in the operation of all instruments and repeated disassembly, so as to avoid damaging the pad

(8) the pins of new devices shall be properly treated, and acid welding oil shall not be used in welding

(9) record the switch and jumper position on the line and do not change them at will. When conducting the comparison inspection above two poles, or when exchanging components, pay attention to marking the components on each board to avoid confusion, so that the good board can not work

(10) check the power supply configuration and type of the circuit board. According to the needs of inspection, power can be supplied separately or completely. Attention shall be paid to high voltage. Some circuit boards are directly connected to high voltage, or there is a high voltage generator in the board, so proper insulation is required. Special attention shall be paid during operation

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