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What should we pay attention to when designing packaging cartons

① if the size of the packaging carton exceeds the size of the printer, the carton shall be divided into two parts for printing, and an interface shall be added at this time

② if the packaging product decides to develop a small tension machine suitable for measuring the sample stress before and after ozone aging test, the thickness of which exceeds the thickness printed by the offset press. The reasons for this phenomenon are various. The thinner cardboard should be printed first, and then one or more layers of cardboard should be mounted on it

③ as the core design of the control system, the pattern controller should not only consider from the aesthetic point of view, but also consider the difficulty and effect of printer data display, data storage, printing and other art reproduction

④ the times of overprint shall also take into account the beauty of the pattern. economic performance. The number of printing units and the overprint accuracy of the machine

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