What should be paid attention to when installing t

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What should be paid attention to when installing the die

it is very important to install the stamping die on the press. First of all, we should take the resource-saving development path. Poor installation and adjustment of the stamping die will cause scrap of the stamping parts, or threaten the safety of personnel and equipment. Therefore, before installing the die, it is necessary to be familiar with the production process, fully understand the structural characteristics and service conditions of the die used in this process, and be familiar with the structural performance, function and technical conditions of the workpiece, stamping materials and process performance, and the process requirements of this process; Check whether the brake, clutch and control mechanism of the press are normal. Only after confirming that the technical condition of the press is good and all safety measures are complete, can the installation of the die be carried out in accordance with the die installation operating procedures

when installing the die, check the punching device of the press, and temporarily adjust it to the highest position to avoid bending when adjusting the closing height of the press; Check whether the lower die ejector rod and the upper die striking rod meet the requirements of the punching device of the press (check the air cushion device for the large press); Check the closing height of the press and the die. The closing height of the press should be slightly higher than that of the die to prevent accidents; Before installation, the oil stains on the bottom surface of the upper and lower formworks and sliding blocks shall also be wiped clean, and whether there are relics shall be checked to prevent the upper from affecting the correct installation and accidents. During installation, the power shall be disconnected or cut off and the switch shall be locked. The installation sequence is from upper mold to lower mold. After the upper and lower molds are installed, the flywheel shall be moved with a hand plate to make the slider complete half of the stroke, and the alignment position of the upper and lower molds shall be checked. After the installation is checked to be correct, the empty vehicle can be lifted for trial punching several times. Until the requirements are met, the screw shall be locked and the feeding position shall be adjusted, and all safety devices shall be installed on the production parts in the environment within the production range, Check and adjust the compression test to stop the large-scale utilization of plastic between the workbench and the moving beam, which depends on the continuous progress of material technology

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