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What should be paid attention to when using clamp watch

So the refueling speed will be very slow

Clamp meter is a kind of instrument used to measure the current of the running electrical circuit. It can measure the current without power supply

1. structure and principle

clamp meter to jointly develop a new type of experimental machine and means is essentially composed of a current transformer, a clamp wrench and a rectifier magnetoelectric system reaction instrument at a temperature of 23 ℃

2. use method

(1) mechanical zero adjustment is required before measurement

(2) select the appropriate range, first select the large range, then the small range, or estimate according to the nameplate value

(3) when the minimum measuring range is used and the reading is not obvious, the measured wire can be wound for several turns. The number of turns shall be subject to the number of turns in the center of the jaw, then the reading = indicated value × Range/full offset × Turns

(4) during measurement, the measured conductor shall be in the center of the jaw and the jaw shall be closed tightly to reduce errors

(5) after the measurement, put the change-over switch at the maximum range

3. precautions

(1) the voltage of the tested line shall be lower than the rated voltage of the clamp meter

(2) when measuring the current of high-voltage line, wear insulating gloves, insulating shoes and stand on the insulating pad

(35: regularly check the screws at the jaw) the jaw shall be closed tightly and the measuring range shall not be changed with electricity

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