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What to pay attention to when purchasing a UV flat-panel printer

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core tip: from the heart, as a well-known UV flat-panel printer manufacturer in China, century Lianqiang believes that: if you want to buy a good UV flat-panel printer, you don't just look at its advantages, but many disadvantages are often covered up under those advantages! So, how do we know the quality of a machine? For some reasons, the halo color with clear black-and-white layers is produced by the same manufacturer. From the heart, as a well-known UV flat-panel printer manufacturer in China, century Lianqiang believes that if you want to buy a good UV flat-panel printer, you don't just need to look at its advantages, but many deficiencies are often covered up under those advantages

in which way should we know that the good of a machine is also one of the important areas of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon path in China's material industry

for some reasons, even if two identical machines are produced by the same manufacturer, their performance is different. Therefore, we should choose UV flat-panel printers from the aspects of machine stability, speed, accuracy, cost of consumables, machine water density of 1000 kg/m3, price, brand and after-sales service. Let's explain in detail below

1. Stability of UV printer

normally, the higher the stability of the machine, the better the machine. If the stability of a machine is poor, it is difficult to become a good UV flat-panel printer even if it is fast and accurate. Customers will be very troublesome when using it, and even affect the operation. There are many universal printer manufacturers with excellent speed and accuracy, and finally they quit the market due to poor stability

2. Speed

it goes without saying that speed is the capacity of a machine, which directly affects the sales and costs of investors

3. Accuracy

it is an important factor in picture quality. The general market view on accuracy is that the higher the accuracy, the better the quality. However, this is not absolute. Quality also includes color and whether there are stripes. When the accuracy is high to a certain extent, people can't see it with the naked eye, that is, it loses its significance. Therefore, the higher the accuracy, but it doesn't have to be high endlessly

4. Cost of consumables

here refers to the price and consumption of ink and substrate. Generally, weak solvent inks are not picky about materials, and the cost is not high, which is within the customer's budget

5. The price of the machine

in fact, the cheaper the price of the machine is, the better its value is. For example, some UV flat-panel printers have lower prices than ours, but their speed is pitifully slow, so even if their price is good, their value is not great. Customers should be interested in their value

6. Brand

this is something that customers must take a fancy to. Usually, large brands are a guarantee for customers, because years of production experience and their attention to brands are the guarantee of product quality. For example, BMW in the automobile, no serious quality problems have occurred in dozens of models for more than 50 years after World War II. Now its brand has been respected by car lovers

7. After sales service

has a complementary relationship with brand awareness. Generally, the after-sales service of large brands is often perfect, and more attention is paid to after-sales service. After sales service is the guarantee for normal operation and high-quality operation of customers in daily operation

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