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What should be paid attention to when purchasing a combine harvester

now there are many brands of wheat and corn combine harvesters. Experts remind farmers that they must pay attention to the following points when purchasing a combine harvester:

first, the purchase of a combine harvester should be based on local conditions. 1. The speed control system adopts servo electromechanical and speed reducer. According to the planting mode of local crops, the harvester with appropriate cutting range should be selected

II. Before purchasing the machine, first understand the market share of the model to be purchased, the supply of accessories and the "Three Guarantees" service. Do not purchase "raw" machines, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "machine" without "parts"

III. When purchasing the machine, it is necessary to ask for a formal invoice because the invoice is the only voucher in case of a quality dispute

IV. carefully fill in the "Three Guarantees" book and check the "Three Guarantees" items to avoid unnecessary losses

v. carefully read the manual after the locomotive is purchased, and timely change the engine oil and adjust some parts as required

VI. participate in technical training in time to improve operation proficiency and technology 3. Use it for high precision; The latter has the ability to develop correct and fair solutions to problems

VII. Do not buy products from enterprises with poor reputation and product quality. (end)

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