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Qingdao free blood donation 96606 customer service call center platform enabled

Hello, this is Qingdao central blood station. How can I help you? Walking into the 96606 customer service center of free blood donation in Qingdao, six attendants were answering the service and answering the questions of blood donors carefully. On January 27, the first state of Qingdao: after confirming that the degree of the instrument and device meets the requirements of the regulations, it is important to review whether the friction force in the part of the task is too large. The assumption is that the clearance of the guide wheel should be adjusted to eliminate the friction force, and the task oil cylinder should be cleaned when necessary. If there is still a positive difference after removing the influence of the friction force, the fastening screw of the connecting shaft sleeve between the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism) should be loosened, the push plate should be adjusted inward, and after the screw is fixed firmly, The small dial shall be verified level by level and repeated several times, such as the fixtures of Tianhui and sans until the verification passes. Assuming that the small dial passes and the large and medium dial are still out of tolerance, the amount of B thallium and C thallium shall be added appropriately until the verification passes and the free blood donation 96606 customer service platform is officially enabled

96606 the application of customer service call center platform, but with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry, computer integration (CTI) technology, with voice as the media, provides accurate, standardized and personalized one-stop extended care services for blood donors. The functions of 96606 customer service platform include business consultation, blood donation satisfaction survey, blood donation appointment and blood donation care. 96606 customer service platform can provide 24-hour service for blood donors with the help of voice system. "Shan yinmu said that all-weather service is an important way to timely grasp the needs of blood donors, accurately respond to the concerns of blood donors, deeply optimize service processes, and continuously improve service quality. It can timely answer the problems concerned by the public and provide convenient, efficient and all-round high-quality services for blood donors

it is reported that the 96606 customer service call center platform was put into trial operation for two weeks before it was officially launched. During the trial operation, the platform accepted more than 200 blood donor consultations, made an appointment to lose 1119 blood donors, successfully donated 23 blood, sent 3814 blood donation satisfaction survey messages, the blood donation service satisfaction rate was 99.54%, and sent more than 37000 care and blessing messages

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