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The 45th World Gymnastics Championship "China United player"

China Construction Machinery Information in the 45th World Gymnastics Championship

this year, the 45th World Gymnastics Championship will be held in Nanning, Guangxi in October. This is the world's highest level gymnastics event approved by the China Gymnastics Association to the International Sports Federation, and it is also the highest level international sports competition hosted by Guangxi in history. In order to welcome this sports event, Nanning Municipal Party committee and government purchased 100 Zoomlion sanitation machinery to renovate the city's appearance and environment and create the most beautiful Nanning

this year, Guangxi has set up a special leading group for the 45th World Gymnastics Championships, striving to "leverage the power of the entire autonomous region" to run this major international event, and strive to show the international community a new image of Guangxi while it is open, developing, and full of vitality. Among them, how to carry out the renovation of Nanning's urban appearance and environment in a planned, focused and step-by-step manner and create a good urban appearance and environment has become the number one task of Nanning Municipal Party committee and government. To this end, Nanning health and environment management office specially purchased 100 sets of environmental equipment of Zoomlion environmental industry company, including garbage trucks, cleaning trucks, cleaning trucks, manure suction trucks, etc., with a value of tens of millions of yuan

to better serve the sports championship and show the brand style of Zoomlion on the world stage, The environmental industry company set up a special procurement project, he said: "Of course, we can see that the project promotion team has customized the environmental improvement solution of the special system of the world championships in October 2007 for Nanning, involving vehicle delivery, inspection, delivery theory and practical training, emergency service countermeasures during the competition and many other contents, and strictly control every node and detail.

it is reported that at present, more than 30 sets of equipment have been delivered for use, providing mechanized road cleaning and cleaning operations for the whole city of Nanning, solid and liquid waste Garbage removal and transportation provide strong equipment support. In mid September, the handover of 100 environmental equipment will be completed. At that time, Zoomlion will also actively cooperate with the local government to fully guarantee this international event. Israel will welcome visitors from all over the world with a first-class urban environment

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