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PLC system: realize automatic control of the whole production process

with the development of the chemical industry, it meets the needs of civil aircraft design and manufacturing. Production tends to be complex, large-scale, high-speed and automated. In order to ensure stable, reliable and safe production, the parameter detection and automatic control of the production process should meet higher requirements. PLC (programmable controller) system can meet this requirement. It plays a vital role in the design of production process control system and the protection of mechanical safety

plc system can compile various control algorithm programs to complete closed-loop control, so that the chemical production process can be automated, and the production process can be controlled under the best working conditions, so as to reduce the consumption of raw materials and power, reduce production costs, and achieve high quality and high yield. It can reduce human errors, ensure production safety, prevent accidents from happening and expanding, and achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment and improving the utilization rate of equipment

nowadays, more than 200 manufacturers in the world produce more than 300 varieties of PLC system products, which are mainly used in automotive (23%), grain processing (16.4%), chemical/Pharmaceutical (14.6%), metal/mining (11.5%), pulp/paper making (11.3%) and other industries. In the chemical industry, in terms of specific application types, it is mainly switch logic control. Through the realization of sequential control, it is widely used in single machine control, multi machine group control and even automatic production line control, as well as the closed-loop control of analog quantities such as temperature, pressure and flow. For example, in the process of sulfuric acid production, temperature control plays a decisive role. The roasting intensity, temperature and gas concentration of the furnace front section determine whether the temperature and gas concentration of each part of the conversion section are normal or not, as well as the conversion rate. The application of PLC system can adjust the interaction and influence between different temperatures and gas concentrations, so as to realize the safety control of the production process. In chemical 1.4, there is a mechanical limit piston stroke protection device. In the process control, the PLC system is mainly composed of five parts: central processing unit, memory, input and output module, programmer, and working mode (online programming, offline programming)

JG158 (2) 004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system in addition, in the petroleum processing industry, large rotating units are an important part of equipment, such as the main fan, air pressure unit, flue gas turbine and steam turbine unit of catalytic cracking unit. These units have high power and harsh operating conditions, which is very important for the emergency shutdown or locking protection of these equipment in sudden accidents

the interlock self-protection system of the heavy oil catalytic cracking air pressure unit of Shenyang paraffin Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts the PLC system for system construction, and the subsequent production process is stable. The self-protection of the unit and production device has been implemented many times under the accident state, which greatly reduces the hazard of the accident

at present, the application of PLC system in China's petrochemical industry has made great progress. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian and Jiangsu are the effective temperature ranges of many drugs. Several enterprises in the state have been able to produce small and medium-sized PLC system systems and apply them to industrial production

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