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"PLC" and "motor" move forward hand in hand, and Hollysys creates discrete and motion control solutions

from June 28 to 31, Hollysys participated in the 9th IAC exhibition held in Shanghai. In the three-day exhibition, Hollysys took the fourth generation DCS products as the core, showing a clear product line from the field level (PLC) - device control level (DCS) - enterprise production management level (MES) and a large-scale control system customized and developed for users in the transportation, urban rail and nuclear power industries. What is different from the past is that in this exhibition, Hollysys pays more attention to the substantive display of solutions. With the theme of "facing users, providing professional products and industrial solutions", Hollysys will show from different levels that it provides users with technological innovative solutions under the integrated management and control framework

at the 9th IAC exhibition, the PLC and motor products in the HOLLIAS product family were jointly displayed as "discrete and motion control solutions", and the joint display of upstream and downstream products between the brother companies of hollys group (Hangzhou hollys automation company and hollys Motor Company) was not only a reflection of the improvement of hollys' product line, but also a demonstration of the integration of the company's internal resources and self-strength, It is also the continuation of Hollysys' service concept of "sincerely envisioning for users"

the "discrete and motion control" display area in Hollysys booth is an 8-square-meter demonstration wall. The whole area includes three layers: Ethernet structure layer, DP remote data monitoring layer and PLC control layer for field equipment. Each scheme is described in text and illustrated with corresponding field pictures. Users can see many CPU modules and extended function modules of G3 series PLC, as well as the latest "hummingbird" series servo, stepping, DC brushless motor and other products of Hollysys electric company. At the same time, users can carry out actual operation through the touch screen, and use G3 series PLC to control the motor and transformer. In addition, gesture control exhibition has been added in iDrive system to dynamically demonstrate the control of plastic granulator technology frequency, temperature control and other equipment using renewable energy and industrial waste heat. On the spot, you can see the real-time monitoring of remote data through the network

visitors came forward to watch such a large "discrete and motion control" exhibition area. The advantages of G3 series PLC products, such as high-end positioning, stable performance, reasonable price and localized service, have made users have a new understanding of domestic PLC; With years of stable market operation, Hollysys motor has been established. In 2018, our company independently developed several new models to establish an excellent brand image, and many old users came directly to understand the situation of new products. In view of the current situation that domestic PLC has not made a big breakthrough in the market, many users have raised questions about the application of G3 series products. When they heard that G3 series has been applied in many industries and that mechanical equipment manufacturers have made batch and batch purchases, the users present expressed great interest and understood the schemes displayed on site one by one. A large number of visitors had a certain understanding of Hollysys' development over the years. Through their own eyes, they had further confidence in the high-performance PLC that domestic enterprises can develop and the incorrect mold temperature is enough to affect the size, brightness, shrinkage, flow lines, shortage of materials and other phenomena of samples. They gave a high evaluation of G3 series products and great support and trust in the prospects of G3 market development in the future, We are willing to carry out further cooperation through future communication

since 2000, the PLC business team has been established, and then the acquisition of four-way motor (now renamed Hollysys Motor Company) has been completed. Hollysys company has started the expansion of discrete and motion control product line. While expanding and strengthening process control (DCS), Hollysys company has also stepped aside to realize process control, discrete and motion control. In particular, on the road of developing domestic PLC, Hollysys positioned the PLC product line at the high end, showing that domestic PLC has high performance, high stability and strong price competitiveness, so that users can feel the excellent side of domestic PLC. Based on the development foundation of DCS industrialization for many years, Hollysys will make great progress in the expansion of PLC and motor products market

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