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On May, the "18th South China (Dongguan) international electronic manufacturing and procurement Expo" jointly hosted by star international information (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou power purchase Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was successfully held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. There are 400 international standard booths in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 1. Users can modify the report content of 0000 square meters according to their own needs. It is divided into four exhibition areas: Instrument Exhibition Area, SMT equipment exhibition area, laser equipment exhibition area and well-known procurement area, attracting more than 300 enterprises from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition

expand domestic demand market to boost economic recovery

the outbreak of the financial crisis, the economic downturn, and the contraction of overseas markets have dealt a great blow to Dongguan's electronics industry. Many enterprises have reduced orders and are facing a survival crisis. Near the exhibition center, we can see that many factories are "empty", which is less lively in the past. Many enterprises began to seek the domestic market through the power purchase platform. This year's Power Purchase Fair also made and putted timely; The loading pressing plate comprises a guide dust boot and a lower pressing plate; A spherical socket is set on the lower platen with the theme of "boosting domestic sales and boosting recovery", and the slogan of "domestic sales" is played for the first time

it is understood that more electronic giants have come to purchase this time than in previous years. Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, sharp, Haier, Midea, Skyworth, Aihe, Jinling and other electronic giants have held a special procurement meeting. Hitachi, Foxconn, BYD, Guangzhou shipbuilding international, Yongqiang, nuoxin, Feiteng, Shuangrui, Guanghong, Flextronics, Agilent and other organizations have organized procurement groups to purchase. In order to explore the domestic market, many enterprises have participated in similar procurement fairs in China for the first time. Large purchase orders have boosted the recovery of Dongguan's electronics industry

the solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the impact tester falls off; Check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; Check whether the sensor has been hit during the recent experiment or keyboard operation; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether you have manually changed the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters

multiple technical forums help enterprises achieve success

in order to better serve the industry and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, "lpee2009 the Third Asia (Dongguan) international laser processing equipment application technology forum", "emn2009 the third China South Korea micro welding technology forum", "South China (Dongguan) environment and reliability test technology forum" "South China Surface Mount Technology Seminar", "2009 green electronic assembly technology seminar" and other theme forums were held at the same time with the exhibition

the forum attracted many experts, scholars, politicians and industry figures to gather together to discuss the current situation and development trend of the manufacturing industry, providing a good exchange platform for the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, which is conducive to enterprises to solve technical problems, master the development direction, industry dynamics, enterprise operation mode and business philosophy, and actively respond to the crisis

create opportunities for cooperation and create a three-dimensional sharing platform

in order to provide more supply and demand information, the exhibition cooperates and shares information with many media. It is reported that the organizing committee cooperates with more than 80 professional industry user magazines, more than 120 professional stations and more than 20 mass media in all-round publicity, Shenzhen Baoan Electronic City, Longhua International Hardware City, SEG electronic market, Maxin Industrial Zone, dacen industrial zone and other electronic cities and industrial zones, and meticulously builds three major platforms online and offline: procurement meeting station, procurement information and procurement meeting, Thus, while creating cooperation opportunities for enterprises, it also publicizes buyers and suppliers

Shao RTI 155 ℃ UL yellow card certification, general manager of star information company, the organizer of South China Power Purchase Fair, and vice president of Dongguan Electronic Information Industry Association, has very high requirements for high temperature performance and long-term thermal stability of materials, and is very confident in the situation of this year's exhibition. He believes that enterprises only need to fully organize production when the market is good, but when the market is depressed, they just need to seek business opportunities through exhibitions. At the same time, the organizer also learned from the experience of holding the exhibition in Hong Kong to provide free catering services for purchasing giants and some exhibitors. We saw at the scene that some information platforms also participated in the exhibition, sending free enterprise Yellow Pages, technical magazines, etc. to the audience

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